WLIIA? Contact List

The Whose Line is it Anyway? Contact List allows fans of Whose Line is it Anyway? (also known as Whosers) to get in touch with one other. These pages list fans' names, email addresses, nicknames (ICQ, AIM, YIM, MSN and IRC), website URLs, birthdays, location, favourite contestants and include an area for messages.
The WLIIA? Contact List has over 400 fans listed from 10 countries.
Our easy to remember URL is 
The WLIIA? Contact List's World Map of Whosers. See where fans of Whose Line is it Anyway? are scattered around the globe and put your own mark on the map. See it HERE.
Please note we do not give out email addresses of Whose Line cast members.
This is a fan-run listing/contact service

NB: Owing to a recent catastrophic hardware failure we only have listings ranging from 1998 to 2003. Given that some of these listings may no longer be current the list is now in an archive state. That is that it can be read but not added to.
We are in the process of implementing a new system and starting a brand new WLIIA? Contact List.
Please check back soon if you wish to be a part of the new listings.

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The icons on the list represent the following:

email - Email

URL - Webpage URL

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AIM AIM - AOL Instant Messenger

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YIM - Yahoo Messenger


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